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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twincling Vijayawada

To better serve the interests of Open Source enthusiasts in Andhra region and create a focussed engineering team along the lines of the professional Twincling team at Hyderabad, we've started Twincling Vijayawada.

The core team is lead by Sandip Tiwari (sandip AT twincling DOT org) and is expected to be supported by Bishal and Saroj. The first set of activities in terms of infrastructure and projects has been identified.

If you are located in Vijayawada, Guntur and are passionate about Open Source vision and projects, please drop in a line with your contact details to Sandip Tiwari. We'd need many volunteers to work on the various initiatives and will appreciate all the help we can get.

Please take a look at

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Open Source Days 2008 (Aug 2 - Aug 10)


Open Source Days 2008 is a 9-day event scheduled to be held from Saturday, August 02, 2008 to Sunday, August 10, 2008.

The theme is - 'Get Smart, Do Well and Have Fun' !

The Objective of Open Source Days 2008 is to educate and empower participants with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in todays fast changing IT world.

You need solid technical skills to do well in your academic career, in your job to deliver results. Open Source software helps you acquire those skills and build your credentials.

Open Source Days 2008 is a fun-filled yet technically focussed event which has a mix of technical presentations, interactive discussions with professionals and workshops. There will be many hands-on Workshops at multiple locations.

There is also going to be a Quiz on 9th of August from 4:30pm - 5:30pm.

Writing code, executing test cases, reviewing bugs, participating in Open Source community projects helps develop software programming and communication skills. As part of the Twincling mentorship programme, you get to learn about the various Open Source project opportunities and how you can participate. You'll also have a chance to discuss and know about mentors.

Thanks to sponsors, You can win yourself Software CDs, T-shirts and other exciting prizes like Headphones, DVD Player !

Workshop Focus Areas (Technical areas)

. Linux/UNIX Administration

. Gentoo Linux 2008.0 Setup and Administration

. OpenSuSe 11 Linux Setup and Administration

. FreeBSD 7 administration

. OpenSolaris 10 administration

. Package management (portage, ports, pkg, rpm)

. Ruby scripting

. Portable shell scripting

. Regular Expressions

. Linux systems programming

. Linux network programming

. Building Linux Clusters

. OpenSolaris Systems Programming

. Linux File system (ext2) concepts and programming

. File system development

. Linux TCP/IP stack internals

. BSD TCP/IP stack internals

. Network Security (SSL, IPSEC)

. OpenSSL and PKI infrastructure essentials

. Developing Anti-Virus software

. Anti-spam software development and Bloom Filters

. PostGreSQL database setup and administration

. PostGreSQL C++ / Ruby / PHP database programming

. LAMP setup, configuration and PHP 5 programming

. WebServices and SOAP programming with PHP

. Drupal module programming (for Drupal 6.2)

. ISO C99 Programming and library development

. OpenSSL API Programming using C

. Firefox architecture and developing Firefox plugins

. Firefox XPCOM C++ programming

. C++ Programming (class based design, functors)

. C++ and STL (Standard Template Library) Programming

. C++ GUI Programming with QT 4.3

. KDE 4.x plugins programming

. Open Source Games design and programming (using KDE/Qt/C++)

. OpenGL Programming (using KDE/Qt/C++)

. Semantic Web Essentials, RDF, Ontology, DAML

. XML essentials and programming (DTD, XMLSchemas, XSLT)

. XML Security vocabularies (XMLDSig, XMLEnc, XMLKMS)

. Core Java Programming

. Enterprise Java Programming (Servlets)

. Middle-tier Java Programming (EJB)

. Software Design Patterns

. Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

. Middleware technologies - CORBA - C++ programming

. AI Agent programming using Prolog

. Developing Distributed Applications with Erlang and OTP

. Real-time Streaming Multimedia using Helix Community server

Workshop Focus Areas (Community)

. Getting started in Open Source Projects

. How to contribute to OpenSuSe Linux project

. How to contribute to Gentoo Linux Project

. KDE 4.x project and opportunities

. Twincling projects

. Open Source Games projects

All Workshop sessions have been modularized for 1-day, 2-day or 3-day sessions with focus on programming and follow up projects. To the maximum extent possible, the Society will be providing course material for the various workshop sessions online and in PDF format.

How to register your college ?
Write a mail to with your college name, contact number and the topic (please select upto two topics) you are interested in having a workshop on. The Organizing team will get in touch and finalize the event.

Please note that the best three participants from each college will get T-shirts and also an offer of mentorship in the Twincling Open Source projects.

So, Get Smart, Do Well and Have Fun' !

Organizing Team

Namita Iyer
Twincling Society.

Leela Manoranjan

Maruthi Vutla

Rajesh Sarangapani

Sumit Upadhyay
Bank of America.

Sampath Inturi
Open Source Geek.

Ananth Pattabiraman
Open Source Geek, Music composer.

Umamaheshwararao Lankoti

Saurabh Bhatia
Safew Labs.

Ragu Pattabiraman

Saifi Khan

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